Quotation to Delivery(1) Fill out Request for quotation form on this page.
(2)I will send you a confirmation email within 1~3 days.

(3) Once you have confirmed the contents, please complete the payment procedure within one week.

Payment can be made

Paypal / by Amazon gift certificate / by my
online shop(credit card is available).

(4)I will make a rough color drawing based on your request.
I will accept up to two retakes.

(5)We will deliver your work to you via GigaFile Mail, and the transaction will be completed.

Price List(tax included) 

Basic Price 1 person 30,000yen
Option background (interior, pattern, etc.) +10,000yen
Additional person +10,000yen/person
Additional expression difference      **Up to 1 facial expression difference free** +600yen~
Other differences, effects, etc. Please consult.
Vocaloid music video(Up to 5 min.) +10,000yen
Commercial use +7,000yen
Revised Feb 3 2023/Price are subject to change at any time./The price on the date of inquiry will apply.
Cautions*Self-made remarks, secondary distribution prohibited.
*Copyright is not transferred.
*Cancellation after the transaction is confirmed is not accepted.
*If you are allowed to publish your work, we may publish it in our illustration book or portfolio.
*It is optional to give credit when you use my work, but I would be very happy if you did.

【Request Form】

If you would like me to use your work, please fill out the form below.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    ■About the work

     Production begins approximately one month prior to the delivery date.

    File format

    Image size

     Specify pixel (optional) e.g. 800 x 600 px px


    Vocaloid music video creation (up to 5 minutes)

    Commercial use desired

    Publication of work

    ■About the person (character)

    Additional person(s) desired (paid )

    Add expression differences (paid)

    Please provide the following information about the person: age, gender,
    personality, appearance, clothing image, image color, and expression difference (if desired).
    If you have more than one person, please provide more than one.

    ■About the background


    For no background: background color (single color) or transparent
    With background: Please specify the background image.


    Other differences or effects desired

    Enter the details if you wish. 

    Please let me know if there are any twitter or YouTube pages or shared links(optional).

    Please let me know if you have any images / songs that we can use as reference. (optional)
    Format:jpg png psd jif pdf zip mp3
    Size:max 12MB

    Thank you for your input.