Quotation to Delivery(1) Fill out Easy Estimate Form For reference :Samples by illustration type
↑ Please check before entering the estimate form.

(2)I will send you a confirmation email within 1~3 days.
*It takes approximately one month from the start of production to delivery.
*One picture (with or without background), MV, etc.(3)Once you have confirmed the contents, please complete the payment procedure at least one day prior to the start date.

Payment can be made by
Bank Transfer

(4)I will make a rough color drawing based on your request.
I will accept up to two retakes.

(5)The process of transaction will be completed after you check the requested items.

Gigafile Mail is used for file delivery.

Cautions*Self-made remarks, secondary distribution prohibited.
*Copyright is not transferred.
*Cancellation after the transaction is confirmed is not accepted.
*The illustrations provided will be posted on the Web, SNS, illustration books, portfolios, etc.
It is also possible to have your illustrations not published. (For a fee)
*It is optional to give credit when you use my work, but I would be very happy if you did.

Inquiry Form For other inquiries, please contact me here.